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Improving the product through feedback loop

Crisp usage results
More than 582 000 messages from 37 000 conversations
Key Crisp integrations
Crisp has offered many benefits to our company

First thing first, Crisp is a french company, we are a french company so we were super happy to work with them. Secondly, it's the tool that has the best competitive edge on his market with a chat widget that is super light, easy to integrate and with a high value for price with their unlimited strategy.

Our customer service team handle hundreds of messages every day on Crisp. On a weekly basis, we analyze conversations to understand customers' feedback and look at customer satisfaction scores. We tag each conversation thanks to a dedicated feature inside Crisp so when we see a high number of recurring feedback, it's automatically sent to the product team for improvements.

The idea is to improve the global customer experience using data available in Crisp.

Building a multilingual customer service

Early on, we felt the need to have a live chat software that could translate conversations in real-time. We couldn't handle phone support in 15 or 20 languages but a website chat could help us to do so. Since the day we use Crisp, we can speak more than 100 languages, allowing us to build a multilingual customer service.

It was our first need and one of the reason why we decided to switch from Intercom to Crisp. Then, we started to notice other interesting features such as the chatbot that we started to play with so we can build some interesting workflows for the customer service. By connecting Crisp with our Facebook Inbox and our Instagram DM, we centralize all our messages in one central place which makes us much more productive because we can benefit from all the amazing features available in the software.

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