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16 000 Messages from 1500 Conversations
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How does Crisp help you on a day to day basis?

Crisp is a platform that helps us to handle all inbound messages, whether it's coming from leads, customers, partners. It helps us to better handle these requests and automate them. We've chosen to go along Crisp because the price for feature ratio was unbelievable. They're much more affordable than other competitors on the market. Finally, I'd say that Crisp is super well documented and really easy to use so it doesn't need a lot of work to get started.

We use Crisp on three cases: 1. I'm not a Tilkee customer and I want to know more about the software, we have created chatbot templates that guide them to the right place. 2. I'm a partner and I'm introduced to the partnership team. 3. I'm a new customer and I need help for setup and onboarding so the customer is introduced to the right team immediately..

What benefits do you see in using a unified inbox?

The first thing is that Crisp helped us to stop being organized in silos. Sales would handles emails, marketing would handle chat from the website, support team for in-app- messages. Crisp has helped us a lot to centralize different channels in one place. Where we used to have multiple people and departments in the loop, teams are now autonomous to share a bug with the technical team and that makes it much easier for everyone. It makes business operations easier because we are more autonomous. We're 4 people that have access to Crisp so everyone can hop into the conversation and start to answer the customer, even if someone's missing.

About the chatbot, what we really like at Tilkee is that it might seems a bit tricky to use but I did it myself, without any technical knowledge. Everything is clearly documented and you have a really responsive customer service team at Crisp that reply within a minute using the chat, that is a real pleasure."

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