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Customer lifecycle marketing is one of the best strategies to help you earn new paying customers by upselling or cross-selling their products, based on their maturity. Customer lifecycle marketing software allows you to push messages to your leads or customers on multiple channels. By combining data, events and origin, companies can now create automated email sequences to fuel customer lifecycle through educational or promotional content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer lifecycle marketing is the term that defines strategies that businesses use to win new customers, convert, retain, and leverage product adoption with the purpose to increase user revenue. Customer marketing lifecycle impacts the entire customer's journey, on every channel. There are different stages to customer lifecycle marketing: Awareness, Engagement, evaluation, support experience, and bonding. Customer lifecycle marketing has multiple goals: nurturing prospects, creating repeat buyers, converting returning customers, providing quality support, engaging with the customer base...

Depending on companies and experts, stages can move from 4 to 6. In our opinion, there are 5 customer lifecycle stages: Awareness, Engagement, Evaluation, Purchase, and Support experience.

2 very similar acronyms, they’re related to each other, but in terms of functionality and definition, are quite different. Many businesses will categorize Customer relationship management (CRM) and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) together but they are not the same. Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer lifecycle management (CLM) are important tools to implement in your business as both will help increase retention, relationships, satisfaction or revenue.

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