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Email marketing has become a powerful tool for modern companies. However marketing teams are often relying on technical teams to modify and optimize email sequences. With Crisp, technical teams can free their hands from marketing work. Simply push user event through javascript and your work is done. With Crisp, you can build automated email or chat sequences for a deligtful onboarding.

Free your hands

Let the automated journey do the work

Easy integration

Use simple Javascript code to setup your tracking plan

Target the right channel

Choose wether you want to target customers using email or chat

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Social messaging is a trend coming from apps such as Facebook Messenger,Telegram, What’s App, and more. Typically they are used on Smartphone’s but also have website interfaces. Small or mid-sized businesses and companies need to pay attention to these changing trends as they become tools that businesses need to use to connect with their customers, and which may allow for advertising opportunities. They are where customers are spending time. Social messaging apps are not a flash in the pan. As these apps become the primary way people choose to communicate while using their mobile devices, companies need to adapt and change marketing strategies to reflect the usage of these apps.

Thanks to our social inbox, you'll be able to connect multiple social messaging apps to one inbox and answer customers seamlessly. Here is the list you'll be able to connect: - Facebook Messenger - Twitter DM - WhatsApp - Telegram - Line - SMS

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