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Crisp introduces Screen-sharing

Crisp introduces Screen-sharing

Doing customer support using live chat is great because it allows asynchronous communications. However, audio/video calls with screen-sharing are super useful because it allows you to:

  • Do realtime demos using Crisp. Share some slides with your customers
  • Troubleshoot bugs in live and solve issues in a few minutes

How does it work?

Using the Crisp screen-sharing feature, you don't have to use any third-party tools like Zoom, Teamviewer, Skype, or Whereby.

You just have to use the Crisp call feature and it will use the Crisp chatbox in order to enable an audio/video communication with customers. It works without any third-party extension. Like Magic.

  1. Hit the call button on Crisp

2.  Enable the screen-sharing button. Both customers & agents can use the screen-sharing feature.

3. Enjoy the screen-sharing feature. You can also make it full-screen by using a double-click on the video

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