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Optimize your customer experience with self-service support

Building a self-service culture inside your company is a challenging objective that can help your business a lot: Reduce first response time, improve customer happiness, train new agents or improve search engine. If you've been trying to tackle knowledge management inside your company, you've already been put in front of a knowledge base also known as a knowledge management system. Forget about repetitive answers, hidden or unindexable help contents, slow answers or non-autonomous customers. Combine live chat and chatbots with a knowledge base to strengthen your customer experience. With our software as your foundation, you can create self-service support that’s exactly as dynamic and responsive as your customers need it to be — all without overly taxing your human resources or draining your budget.

Turn your tribal knowledge into easy-to-find answers

Document office policies, company goals, employee contact info, engineering practices — any important info — in one central location. Everything you need to build an internal knowledge base is available within our internal knowledge base software. Rather than having all your docs jumbled together, sort everything into clearly separated categories within your company.

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Build the knowledge base your customers deserve

Our knowledge base software comes with a rich text editor that makes it simple to create or customize your content. From images to GIFs or Youtube embeds: everything works seamlessly to impress end users and make life easier for content creators. And by placing each article into a category, you can add valuable context to help searchers find relevant resources. Our rich text editor will let you customize each part of your articles to provide better support. Each article is linked to a category so it brings contexts to your article, showing similar help content that can provide resourceful information for your users. Using meaningful categories through icons, colors and titles will make your customer experience stand out. Our knowledge base software provides easy-to-use icons to organize your sections as you wish on a dedicated website.

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Deliver high-quality knowledge base articles to customers

Our knowledge base software lets you manage a central hub for everything support-related

Help customers and agents

Set up on the central place for your customers (and employees) to find reliable answers.

Cater to all platforms

Fully responsive design knowledge base app to make your knowledge article stand out.

Deliver real-time support

Prevents support issues from arising and reinforces brand trust.

Make your self-service strategy even more customizable with our help widget

Transform your customer service experience through a customized help widget SDK
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  • Search an article
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Make your multilingual knowledge base easy to create and maintain

Supporting multiple languages for your customer will make them even happier. With Crisp knowledge management system, you can build a multilingual knowledge base to fit with your customers. Simply switch from one language to another to adapt your help articles to the right customer. While answering leads and customers from the shared inbox, our design keeps everything neat and ensures that every reply goes out in the right language.

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Improve your response times

Find knowledge base articles straight from your team inbox

Offer 24/7 customer support

Our chatbot can send knowledge articles when you're not available.

Get feedback on your help articles

Gauge the performance of your help articles and identify possible improvements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A knowledge base is a self-service tool that contains a library of information about a product, service, department or process. The data in your knowledge management system can be from a part of the company, such as the product team, or the entire company. A knowledge center software will let you classify your content into different categories including FAQs, manuals, troubleshooting guides, 101 guides and other information your team might want to share. A helpdesk knowledge base software is the foundation for your self-service strategy. It helps you to create, curate, share, serve and manage knowledge across your company and industries.

When it comes to creating a knowledge base and separating your articles into categories, it's important to understand the type of audience you are willing to help. Some people like to use a search engine while others like to browse and look for different information at the same time. Make sure you group your help content so it makes sense for your product or services. When coming down to the knowledge article itself, make sure to keep it simple: Over-structuring with too many categories can lead to confusion. At first, start small! don't try to have the perfect knowledge base, write about 10 articles or less and add some more while you're getting more requests from your customers. It's also important to think about distribution and Live chat is the perfect tool to combine with a knowledge base. Offering live chat knowledge base support is a pleasure, whether it's for an agent or a customer.

Your knowledge base isn't only helpful for your users, it's also useful for your leads and employees. A well-structured, well-written and perfectly designed customer knowledge base center will help your website visitors to make self-service even easier. A knowledge base software will allow your team to focus on questions that really matter, instead of repeating the same answers again and again. In fact, it's a cost-effective way to reduce time and effort, for the customer and for the team, to get an answer and move on to the next step. There are lots of different reasons why people like self-service help centers: it gathers different kinds of content (videos, images, texts ...), It promotes autonomy and it operates 24/7. Finally, to make your customer experience stand out, combine a knowledge base and live chat to improve first response time and earn precious minutes when handling customer's requests by offering instant knowledge base suggestions.

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