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Crisp March Updates

Back to France, Crisp teams are working hard during this spring season! Our team is growing and is working on a crispy version! Of course, we still add new features to the current release. Here are the features we released recently: We made a spring update to the chatbox, with design and loading time... Read more

Introducing Crisp 2.5

Crisp Team has a present for this summer: a new release with a ton of new features. What is new A new chatbox. The new chatbox includes a new design and a new way to collect emails and phone numbers. You can now continue a conversation over SMS if your Crisp is linked with... Read more

How to compete with giants with $100

In 2017 building a startup is hype. When most startups start to reach VCs to launch their product, there is another way to do it: Bootstrapping. Crisp began to bootstrap from day 0 and today, we compete with companies like Intercom, backed over $130M without any hassle. How is it possible? We share everything... Read more