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Crisp March Updates

Crisp March Updates

Back to France, Crisp teams are working hard during this spring season! Our team is growing and is working on a crispy version! Of course, we still add new features to the current release.

Here are the features we released recently:

  • We made a spring update to the chatbox, with design and loading time improvements. It also features a new tooltip, made to improve your conversion rate. It also includes a better integration with your Crisp helpdesk so you can reduce your support load. It also includes Dailymotion and Vimeo videos. Finally, it features improved sound notifications so your visitors won't miss your messages.


  • LiveTranslate is now included in mobile apps so you can chat with your foreign customers on the go.


  • We officially released our Zapier integration. This release is the first step and, new Zapier actions are on the way.

  • We added new features to triggers. It's now possible to target a specific country. It also contains fine-grained options, for instance, to display a trigger the first time a visitor comes on your website.

  • Custom Data CSV import is now possible. It's now possible to import custom data attributes such as user_ids, billing information.

  • MagicBrowse and our notifications system got improved
    You can now include Iframes in helpdesk articles. It let you include PDFs, Slideshares, or videos from other providers.
    from emails.

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