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Crisp allows us to manage lots of different communication points in regard to our company. The live chat and knowledge base work together to give us a full-rounded view of what's working or not working in SSSHAKE and what we can improve on. Being a small team means we're quite limited on time so being able to create a knowledge base on Crisp rather than on our website helped us. It let us focus more on the product and the backend development. As soon as you update your FAQ on Crisp, it's live for the leads and customers.

As a business owner and someone who's deeply in love with the product, we wanted Crisp to be exactly like we wanted.

Obviously it wasn't possible or we didn't know how to do it but the customer support team has been super reactive and helped us find solutions. When they didn't have solutions, they added the request to their roadmap, it's great to feel supported. .

Moving from Intercom to Crisp:

At first, we were using Intercom but we just realized that it was way too expansive so when looking for an alternative, we were recommended Crisp by many friends. Since then, we're using Crisp and it's just the perfect tool for us at the moment.

Crisp has made us more approachable in terms of freely asking us questions and helping our customers in context rather than going back and forth with emails. I think that anyone can benefit from Crisp but small businesses can see a real advantage using it because it saves you quite a bit of time and that is super powerful.

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