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Building a conversational relationship with leads & customers is becoming a norm in 2019. Since 2011, is on a mission let business chat with their website visitors. Let's have a look at what they've built and how Crisp can be compared to this solution. Vs Crisp - features and pricing comparison

Building a conversational relationship with leads & customers is becoming a norm in 2019. Since 2011, is on a mission let business chat with their website visitors. Let's have a look at what they've built and why Crisp is a good alternative to TawkTo.

Why should you use a live chat like Crisp or Tawkto? & Crisp come from a common background. started with a live chat in 2011 as Crisp did in 2015. Since then these two platforms have grown towards different objectives. is specifically focused on offering a free chat widget. They aim at helping companies to chat with visitors on companies websites.

Tawkto is targeting the low-mid market.

Crisp is dedicated at helping companies to humanize customers' relationships with better solutions.

Crisp is targeting the low-mid market.

So regarding or Crisp, you can use them for :

  • Gathering customers or leads data
  • Chat with your website visitors
  • Automatically engage with website visitors
  • Enhance First Response Time
  • Customize your chatbox

Globally, these applications are very useful, when speaking about website visitor engagement or live in-app support!

Through this guide, we will cover the analysis of the live chat features.

Crisp Vs TawkTo: Features comparison

First, let's have a basic look at features regarding Crisp & Tawk.To. At first hand, they offer some identical feature. That's why we've managed to separate the analysis in two parts. The first will be focused on the main live chat features. The second will be focused on secondary features.

Live Chat Software Comparison: Main features chat alternative
  • Customization: The ability to modify the look of the chatbox regarding colors, messages and so on.
  • Triggers: The ability to send targeted messages from the chatbox based on user behavior regarding your website.
  • Chatbots: The ability to build conversational experience based on an automated workflow.
  • Saved replies: The ability to send pre-registred chat messages.
  • Javascript API: The ability to use specific Javascript API to customize live chat's behavior.
  • Co-Browsing: The ability to assist the user while browsing your website.
  • Live Translate: The ability to translate automatically messages regarding customers language.
  • Availability: The ability to set availability regarding operators and customer support.
  • Audio & Video call: The ability to start an audio or a video call from the browser without any additional plugin.
  • Chat ratings: The ability to get a rating following a

Live Chat Software Comparison: Secondary features chat alternative
  • File transfer: The ability to transfer a file using live chat.
  • GeoIP: The ability to localize a user based on his IP.
  • Group Messaging: The ability to start a chat with multiple users.
  • Segments: The ability to tag conversations to group users.
  • Routing rules: The ability to route conversations based on users' interactions.
  • Reporting: The ability to measure and monitor chat interactions.
  • Notifications: The ability to receive a notification every time a new chat is started.
  • Pre-chat & online form: The ability to create pre-chat & in-conversation form to gather user data.
  • Chat agents: the ability to outsource chat agents to handle customer support.

Knowledge base software comparison

As does not offer a knowledge base, we felt it wasn't interesting to compare this feature with our knowledge management system software.

If you want to understand how we compare with other competitors, you can look at:

You can find beneath the main features Crisp can offer for a knowledge base:

  • Multilingual helpdesk: The ability to build articles and helpdesk in multilingual mode
  • Helpdesk feedback: The ability to get feedback and comments regarding helpdesk articles
  • Customizable Helpdesk: The ability to modify helpdesk's design and attach it to a proper domain name.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: The ability to edit helpdesk's articles with an enriched text editor
  • Categories: The ability to link articles to categories.
  • Statistics: The ability to have statistics upon knowledge base visits
  • Related articles: The ability to have related articles next to the one the users are reading
  • Search bar: The ability to use a search bar to look for the content that is needed

Crisp Vs Tawkto: Price comparison

As Crisp, Tawkto offers free access to the live chat so you can fully use their software at no cost.

But, if you want to go deeper, prices increase very fast and can be pretty much equivalent at Intercom as they bill per operator. pricing

Tawkto pricing page

For the full suite that we reviewed, which is the equivalent of what Crisp offers regarding the live chat, it would be 0$/month for unlimited agents.

As has a free model, they earn money by offering outsourced chat agents.

Crisp pricing

Crisp offers 3 plans that offer different kinds of features depending on the plan.

Regarding Crisp features, it would cost you 95$ / month. Want to know more? Check Crisp pricing page, click here

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