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March 2022 - Crisp Product Update

March 2022 - Crisp Product Update

We're recruiting a lot starting this month. We're looking for GoLang, NodeJS, or VueJS Developers. Interested? We don't care about your CV, send us your Github! Oh, and we're remote-friendly from day 1. 🌱

Super happy to announce we're releasing a brand new feature called "Wizz", the team has worked on it a lot recently, happy to have your feedback!

Here is some news from the Crisp team, take care 🙏🏼

  • Jira integration is live 🧩

Following what we’ve made recently with Aircall or Trello, we’re now super proud to announce that our Jira integration is live and accessible from our store. From now on, you can create a ticket in Jira from Crisp, with details regarding the issue, assign it a type, attach it to a board and choose a level of priority and the people that should handle the issue.

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  • Helping you to improve your first response time 🤪

For a long time, we’ve had users contacting us saying businesses aren’t reactive enough. That’s why we decided to recreate the Wizz that was initially created by the Messenger team back in the 2000s. Don’t thank us, you can now be much more reactive, as shown in this video, shared by one of our customers.

  • Viber Integration is ready 💬

Viber is one of the leading messaging apps in the world. However, we were still lacking integration with it. We just released our brand new Viber integration, so every business that is using Viber can now use Crisp to improve customer service.

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  • Connect Ringover to Crisp to handle phone calls from your inbox 📞

After releasing Aircall last month, we’re now super happy to offer our customers the ability to connect Ringover to Crisp so they can truly centralize all channels into one inbox. Using this integration, you’ll have the ability to improve the quality of your call center and start conversations from one central place.

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  • Multiple 3rd party apps have been created through our Marketplace 🥳

Our Marketplace allows any business to build and publish apps that can be used by every Crisp user. It is time for us to show you the first apps that have been built.

Ask CSAT in the chat: developed by Beta Limited, it allows your agents to ask for a review in the chat itself.

Schedule a message: also developed by Beta Limited, it allows you to schedule your messages so you land in the inbox every time!

Automatically segment your messages: created by an entrepreneur from Egypt, it allows you to add segments to your messages automatically based on an open-source library that is using NLP. Brilliant!

Advanced analytics for customer support agents: created by the same entrepreneur, this plugin will give you access to more analytics for agents: daily ticket solved, number of conversations per day of the week, number of solved conversations per day of the week, and many more metrics that will guide your customer support management to the top!

Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

  • Inbox: Magic Browse has been improved

Helpdesk Updates 📚

  • How to connect Ringover to Crisp? 🧳

Learn how to connect Ringover to Crisp in less than 10 clicks with our dedicated help article.

See detailed documentation on how to connect Ringover to Crisp →

  • How to connect Crisp with Viber? 📞

Looking for the Viber integration? Here is a guide that will walk you through the entire process. It’s about 10 minutes of work so super easy to install!

Follow a step by step guide to connect Crisp and Viber →

Teasing next releases 💥

  • iOS Mobile App (reply to this email to get access to the beta)
  • Android Mobile App (beta available from the Play Store)
  • Stripe
  • Google Business Messages
  • Dropcontact

Supporting Ukraine 🇺🇦 people means a lot for us and one of our users has built which offers the ability for any European to offer free accommodations for Ukrainian refugees.

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