Nowadays, companies are more and more solicited regarding customers' interactions. On the other hand, customers are also asking for a stronger, more human relationship with the business they interact with.

That's why solutions such as video calls and screen sharing tools are on the rise among businesses that are willing to bring their customer experience to another level.

Many companies are now able to see the advantages and disadvantages of video chat because they've been able to try it by themselves while chatting with their friends.

Alongside this rising trend, come screen sharing tools that are now very popular among customer service teams to solve problems that seem to be unresolvable.

However, the customer experience for the traditional screen sharing tool is broken, and here is why.

  • Installing new software is expensive for your team as they have to learn how to use it.
  • Customers might now feel comfortable to install another tool.
  • Your team has already multiple tools to deal with.
  • Your team might spend more time handling customers' requests.

Some of these downsides might not affect your team, however, it could lead to some loss that could impact the global income of your company.

Luckily, it exists tools that are now able to offer screen sharing and video chat, without any additional plugin.

Screen sharing with video chat: the next customer service experience

Customer service is even more important as companies try to improve their brand reputation.

The recent evolution on the video chat and screen sharing market is the ability to have one tool that will do both without any additional plugin.

Screen sharing with video call: ideal for remote teams

Taking advantage of remote teams for your customer service is a key asset that all international companies should consider.

It will bring efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and scalability to your customer service.

However, having remote teams can be a pain when training new employees or having meetings.

Screen sharing and video chat allow you to see what's going on, whatever the location and the meeting.

When talking about customer service, video chat, and screen sharing is a powerful and delightful experience for your customers.

Screen sharing with video chat: Resolve issues faster

As we mentioned in our do's and don'ts about video chat, it should be reserved for a small part of your customer base.

Furthermore, you should also consider the time you're spending on this kind of support.

The positive side of combining chat and video to screen sharing will let you understand in a wink what is happening to your users.

Screen sharing with video call: Humanize your selling process

With the combination of video chat and screen sharing, companies can now improve their selling experience.

Using this feature, the sales team can now engage with their leads while they are browsing the website.

It's the perfect time to engage through video chat so they can see who's on the other side and create a better perception of your brand.

Remember, we all want customers to feel that we are human talking to humans.

Naturally, there are many other use cases where video call and screen sharing are powerful. It's up to you to discover them and set them up in your company!