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January 2024 - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what the team at Crisp has built in January 2024? Make sure to read this product update.

January 2024 - Crisp Product Update

New Features

  • Use CRM data to personalize chatbot conversations 😍
    For years now, we’ve had customers willing to use Crisp CRM data to personalize chatbot conversations. And it’s now possible! Using the usual dynamic data available in Crisp, you can create personalized conversation in a wink. Note that custom data can also be easily accessed using the {{data.key}} in your bot messages.
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  • Sort conversations by waiting longest ⏰
    Sort conversations by the ones that have been waiting the longest. When enabling this inbox native filter, it shows conversations that are waiting for an answer from your team for the longest time. For all those handling customer service the asynchronous way, we hope you gonna like it as much as we do!
    Sort my conversations →

  • The bot builder just got improved, again! 🧱
    Following our December update, we’ve added more improvements to the Crisp bot builder among which:

    • new people condition blocks: check segments, check data and check if user profile is verified
    • new proxy block that enables to loop back to certain part of your scenario
    • scenario priorities, where the bot is now guaranteed to evaluate scenarios in order they appear in the admin UI, when an event occurs
    • new action block: the “Assign operator” block was renamed to “Assign conversation” and there is an option to assign the conversation to no one!
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  • Start voice conversations from Crisp 🗣
    Voice is still a thing in 2024 and we’re here to prove it! From your Crisp inbox, you can now start a phone call thanks to our amazing partners.

  • Data cleaning (segment & contacts) is now easy and automated with this new plugin 🧹
    Thanks to a new plugin built by a 3rd-party company, on top of Crisp Marketplace, you can now install “Data Cleaner” that removes old contacts or segments automatically. You’re now just one click away from a Crisp CRM that has clean data.
    Install Data Cleaner for Crisp →

Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

  • Inbox: Emails are not sent anymore for Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger conversations (and other channels) when an email is set (except if you force-send the transcript via your workspace settings)
  • Inbox: Custom domain for Email is now available starting Pro!
  • MagicBrowse: MagicBrowse is now working better than ever, with full support for SPAs! LiveAssist has also been improved with top-notch accuracy
  • Settings: When you create a segment filter for a routing rule, suggested segments will be shown
  • Filters: Suggested segments can now be “forgotten” from a filter, so that they are not suggested again (applies to conversations filters, contacts filters, routing rules)
  • Helpdesk: Crisp helpdesk now supports Catalan language
  • Infrastructure: Continuous improvements have been brought to Crisp infrastructure to support the future 1,000,000 users we onboard
  • Messenger: User locale is now automatically synced, making it easier to use LiveTranslate
  • Shopify: Order line-items as well as customer tags are now shown in the conversation widget
  • Shopify: More Shopify data are now synced with Crisp custom data
  • Android: Android SDK now supports Markdown!
  • Analytics: Data loading speed just got an upgrade
  • Adobe Commerce: Multiple bug fixes have been brought to the extension

Helpdesk Updates 📚

  • How to create a Crisp Plugin in just 5 minutes
    Willing to know more about Crisp plugins and what the Crisp Marketplace offers? Baptiste has made a video that explains everything in just 5 minutes.
    Watch the video →

  • How to improve inbound email reception in your Crisp Inbox?
    This article will shed light on the way inbound emails (emails received in your Crisp Inbox) are handled within Crisp and help you get a better grasp of the security measures deployed to protect you and your business, as well as ensure your communication remains streamlined and uncompromised.
    Read the step-by-step guide →

  • What is a proxy block and how to use it?
    Scenarios, especially big ones, can sometimes become very messy and hard to maintain. To simplify your life, see how you can add proxy blocks and how they can be useful to make your bot scenario look way more friendly.
    See how you can leverage proxy blocks →

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