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Discover the new Crisp for Prestashop add-on

Special product update about the new integration with Prestashop, one of the leading ecommerce ecosystem in the world.

Discover the new Crisp for Prestashop add-on

We're super happy to announce we're partnering with Prestashop, one of the leading e-commerce online store builder in the world.

With the new Prestashop add-on, Crisp now covers 80% of e-commerce website builder market share.

As a reminder, we now support Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop.

Whether you're an agency creating online store on behalf of D2C brands or a D2C brand selling product around the world, anyone willing to get started with an online business can benefit from Crisp to build an amazing customer service experience with no compromise on quality or budget.

Let's get down to it 💥

Empower support agents with powerful insights that improve time to resolution

Created for support agents, Crisp for Prestashop comes with built-in features made to help you skyrocket your productivity. Through channel centralization, Crisp allows your company not only to centralize live chat, emails or Messenger and Instagram messages, but also to be much more productive and efficient in handling customers’ requests, reducing time to resolution, by centralizing all your channels into one inbox. the new plugin for free →

Improve first response time while keeping each conversation unique and personalized

Through easy-to-use message templates, your customer support agents can make repetitive conversations a simple task. These templates can also be combined with Prestashop data synced through Crisp module, making it a very powerful feature. the new plugin for free →

Enrich automated customer service through artificial intelligence, trained on your data

Crisp AI models make your chatbot unique thanks to multiple data sources being connected. Through web page scrapping, previous Crisp conversations, Help articles or custom snippets, you can create your own model and leverage the power of AI for customer service. Install the new plugin for free →

Increase customer satisfaction score by making your help articles a data source for artificial intelligence

From your Crisp Workspace for Prestashop, you can create, manage and edit FAQ articles to build a dynamic FAQ for Prestashop. While being deeply integrated with your e-commerce website, the knowledge base is optimized for SEO and fully multilingual, helping you to build evergreen content, in any part of the world. The end goal? Increase your customer satisfaction score by feeding artificial intelligence chatbot with your help content to make customers more autonomous, while decreasing the amount of conversations your team has to deal with. the new plugin for free →

Still doubting? Here is why you should get started with Crisp

Did you know that chat widgets are slowing down your online store loading speed? In fact, most of them are not well optimized for Prestashop. Our live chat and AI chatbot software for Pretashop has been built to be light and efficient so it doesn’t slow down your buyers’ experience. the new plugin for free →

You’re just 2 minutes away from Crisp being ready to improve your customer service

We’ve made it super easy to install Crisp on any Prestashop website, starting from the 1.7 version.

Watch the installation process →
Read the step by step help article →

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