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Author: Valerian Saliou

Valerian is the co-founder and CTO of Crisp. Perfectionist by nature, he hates status-quo. He wants to master every subject he encounters, his current one being customer interaction.

San Francisco, USA

November 2016 Chatbox Improvements

The Crisp team has been busy at work over the months of September and October to bring you new improvements to the Crisp Platform. Our focus has been mostly on the chatbox. Since we released our new chatbox in August 2016, we have had a lot of feedback from all our users on how... Read more

Scaling Crisp to The Next 100k Users

May has been a tremendous month of growth for Crisp! We have been open in beta over the last 9 months, working closely with a restricted user base whom is helping us improve the software quality on a daily basis, as well as giving us directions on which feature they need implemented. We are... Read more