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Crisp Summer Update 2018

Crisp Summer Update 2018

Since the last March 2018 update, the Crisp team has been hard at work shipping brand new features and improving existing features.

We're proud to announce our Crisp Summer 2018 update. This article sums up what's new and what's improved. Also, we're telling you a bit more about what the Crisp team members did recently.

New Features

1. Status Page

As technical guys, we know that server uptime is key to delivering a great service to your customers.

We know how hard it is to keep up with the increasing number of digital services companies run (eg. websites, a large number of HTTP REST API endpoints, database servers, etc.).

We noticed with our own product (Crisp), that users tend to worry and flood customer support with questions when something is not working (eg. a server is down or a subsystem is ongoing maintenance).

That's why we've decided to build Crisp Status, a status page service that lets you monitor your servers / websites / systems. It alerts you instantly when something (eg. your website) is not reachable anymore. It also lets your end-users know via Crisp Chatbox and Crisp Helpdesk when a downtime is ongoing, so that they keep their patience in hands and avoid asking you over chat what's going on.

Crisp Status is similar to Crisp Helpdesk, in a sense that it is hosted on a sub-domain of your own domain name, eg. and can be accessed by anybody to see details on what's wrong.

A sneak peek of a Crisp status page

You can easily manage the services that are monitored in your Crisp Dashboard. Go to Settings, then click on Status Page:

Status Page services

Crisp Status is included in all Unlimited plans, with no extra charge. It's available today to everyone subscribed to Unlimited, or you can upgrade to Unlimited to get access to it. Notice that unlike other dedicated status page SaaS, we do not bill per-monitored server. You can monitor an unlimited number of servers with Crisp Status.

2. Chatbot

You've been many to request this. We've finally built and released Crisp Chatbot.

Crisp Chatbot is a plugin that lets you design & build your own chatbox, to automate onboarding and customer support. Crisp Chatbot lets you build your own chatbot graph in a visual and intuitive way, while opening up the power of all Crisp messaging features: send text messages, chat forms with buttons and inputs, automatically resolve / archive a conversation, and more.

A chatbot graph

You can read more details on the Crisp Chatbot plugin on our dedicated help section.

The Crisp Chatbot plugin is included in all Unlimited plans, with no extra charge.

3. Chat Reminders

We all had to schedule calls with users over chat at some point.

Crisp now lets you schedule reminders over chat. This way, you can tell Crisp to remind you of the call with an user in, say, 2 days.

The operator assigned to the conversation or else, the reminder author will be notified once the reminder fires.

Chat reminders can be scheduled from chat

The Crisp Reminder feature is included in all Unlimited plans, with no extra charge.

4. HTML Campaigns

You've been many to request this one: Crisp now lets you send custom campaigns with HTML.

Crisp campaigns were previously using Markdown for formatting. Markdown was simple and efficient to write cold-email-looking campaigns, but could be limiting for those looking for more customization.

Now, you can choose between Markdown and HTML to format your campaigns.

HTML campaigns let you write raw HTML in a code editor, preview the result, and send custom email templates to your users.

Crisp Campaign now provides a beautiful HTML editor:

HTML campaigns editor

And lets you see how your HTML campaign renders:

HTML campaigns previewer

HTML Campaigns are available for all Crisp users already using regular Markdown campaigns.

5. Line Messaging

Line, a mobile person-to-person and person-to-business messaging platform heavily used in Japan, and across Asia, is now available as a Crisp plugin.

Our Line plugin works in a similar way to the existing Messenger & Telegram plugins. Connect Crisp to your Line, and receive all customer messages (coming from Line), in your Crisp dashboard. Reply from Crisp, and your messages will be delivered back to Line.

Line Messaging is included in all Unlimited plans, with no extra charge.

6. CRM Integrations

We've added several CRM integrations, to let you synchronize your Crisp contact base to an external CRM:

  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho
  • Hubspot (this one synchronizes both ways: from Crisp to Hubspot, and from Hubspot to Crisp)

CRM Integration plugins are included in all Unlimited plans, with no extra charge.


This update also contains several improvements to existing features:

  • HTTP REST API: better performances and cache HIT ratios (we added storage compression on Bloom, with Brotli - we built Bloom to add caching to our REST API, as it's serving almost 1 billion HTTP requests a month);
  • Improved chatbox: helpdesk articles can be viewed in the chatbox, chatbox now scales better on high-traffic websites, video calls are now mobile-device compatible (iOS + Android);
  • MagicMap: redesigned;
  • Calls: audio-only calls have been added;
  • Campaigns: you can now see who read your emails & clicked links;
  • LiveTranslate: previous conversation messages get translated when you scroll up, and LiveTranslate keeps running when switching conversations;
  • Shortcuts: shortcut macros are now possible (eg. !hello {{ name }});
  • Contacts: active contact search filter is kept in memory when navigating, and restored when going back to all-contacts CRM view;
  • Helpdesk: articles search has been improved, with deep search in article text content;

Crisp Team Updates

After coming back to France in April 2018 (see our blog post about this), the Crisp team has been traveling quite a bit.

We've came across Budapest, Hungary and Krakow, Poland. We're now back in France for the release, and part of the team will soon depart to Morocco to focus on what's coming next.

Budapest, Hungary

What's Next?

We're keeping up with our internal roadmap: our next focus is redesigning Analytics, with much more metrics and performance. We'll also introduce a Slack-like app search, letting you instantly find anything (conversations, messages, people, helpdesk articles, sections of the app).

Plus, we've got a huge surprise for our next release. Expect it to be big. 🚀

We've fixed an early ETA for our next release on end-2018 (we call it V3, which means a lot).

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