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New Year, New Features

Want to see 3 new features that will change your customer support experience? Don't miss this product update.

New Year, New Features

We're in 2023, and we still have not walked on Mars. However, at Crisp, we're committed to helping you touch the stars. And guess what? This special product update might be the first stage of the rocket.

We're super excited about the incoming year, however, there are a few things we've been secretly releasing over the past weeks. We believe it's time for you to know it.

Rolling drums, here is what's new for all of you 🥁

Crisp is WhatsApp Business Solution Provider 🫡

Through the Cloud API, hosted by Meta, Crisp now provides the ability for any company in the world to send and receive messages from the WhatsApp Business Platform straight into Crisp.

Naturally, this powerful integration benefits from all the existing features already available in Crisp: Knowledge base, Chatbots, Shortcuts, and everything that makes Crisp a powerful platform for your customer experience.

But it's not over. WhatsApp Templates are even available from your Crisp inbox so you can create engaging conversations after the 24-hour timeout.

➡️ Click here to connect WhatsApp Business Platform with Crisp

⚠ Contact us to move away from the Twilio Integration ️

OpenAI + Crisp = MagicReply 💬 💙

You've heard it all, the AI model built by OpenAI, ChatGPT is amazing. That's why we decided to integrate the conversational AI platform into Crisp.

It's called MagicReply.

MagicReply is the first step to a more advanced AI-driven feature available in Crisp. For now, Magic Reply is 100% based on OpenAI models and doesn't include any knowledge either from your conversations or from your helpdesk.

The second step is to build an AI model that combines OpenAI and Crisp knowledge such as your conversations and your helpdesk. Imagine it as 50% Crisp based and 50% OpenAI.

For this second step, we already have an Alpha model which has shown amazing results from a few alpha testers we've been experimenting the model with.

The third step is to build an autonomous AI model that is 100 % Crisp based.

➡️ Click here to see more and enable MagicReply for your Crisp Inbox️

Crisp is officially listed on Shopify Marketplace 😎

Social commerce is not a trend anymore, it's a fact. For years, we've been helping online store owners scale their customers' relationships on every channel.

As part of our efforts to improve our relationships with the e-commerce industry, we're more than happy to officially announce our Shopify app. 🍾 🎉.

Shopify has been a growing interest in our user base over the years so we decided to improve our integration with the leading e-commerce ecosystem around the world.

➡️ Connect Crisp with your Shopify Store

What's next for Crisp?

We gonna get smarter altogether, quickly!

For the past 7 years, we've grown with you to a point where our data model has hit its limits. We're working on a whole new data infrastructure that is going to unlock many new things.

The second stage of the rocket is going to be released soon 🚀

Among what we plan for the year ahead:

  • Analytics and CRMs are going to be reworked and improved
  • Entire redesign of the app and global rework of the settings

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