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July 2023 - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what we've done this month at Crisp? Make sure to read this article!

July 2023 - Crisp Product Update

July 2023 - Product Update

New Features

  • A new UI for the bot builder is coming to life 🌿
    For years now, the bot builder has been one of the most used feature for Crisp Unlimited customers. However, we felt it needed a big change, both in terms of user interface and user experience. Here is your chance to share your expectations on the future of Crisp Chatbot Builder!
    Share feedback and expected new features with Crisp Team →

  • Our website widget can now be enforced to show help articles only 📚
    Willing to go fully asynchronous with your customers? You can now enforce to only display help articles from your Crisp Widget. Enable it from your workspace settings to get started.
    Only Display Help Articles →

  • Benefit from quick actions, accessible from the conversation’s list 📥
    Right in the conversations list, you can now benefit from a new menu, available for each conversation. From there, you can now quickly block, delete or copy conversation’s link, in a wink!
    Discover the new feature →

  • Helpdesk articles are now publicly available from Crisp API ⚙️
    Helpdesk REST API routes have been made available to plugin tiers. You can now build integrations on top of Crisp Helpdesk and publish integrations such as automated translations.

    See the new API routes →

  • Note on security for Crisp Customers 🚨
    As part of our process to improve security for our customers, it’s important for you and your team to understand that we will never ask you to reset your password, by any mean. The only way to talk to the official Crisp team is through the chat available at, or through email (

  • Create an AI Chatbot using Crisp and ChatGPT 🤖
    Following the ChatGPT revolution, entrepreneurs have decided to combine Crisp with ChatGPT to build a plugin available on Crisp Marketplace. For a few weeks now, you can install a plugin that lets you train ChatGPT on your own content, all through Crisp Widget. Here is one built by YourGPT, a chatGPT suite of tools made to help companies leverage the power of AI.
    Install the YourGPT plugin today →

  • Create an AI Chatbot using Crisp and ChatGPT 🤖
    Here is another one built by LunaGPT, a chatGPT integration dedicated to customer support that puts conversations on autopilot. Create your own ChatGPT chatbot trained on your website. It takes less than 5 minutes to get started.
    Install LunaGPT plugin today →

Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

  • Transcripts: A patch was issued to fix recent Gmail breaking changes
  • WhatsApp: Catalog message templates are now supported from Crisp
  • Telegram: Customers’ locale is now synced automatically from Telegram

Helpdesk Updates 📚

  • How to create an AI Chatbot using Crisp and ChatGPT
    Want to get started with one of the ChatGPT recently released on Crisp Marketplace? Here is an example of you can do.
    Create my first AI Chatbot →

  • How to connect Crisp with Shopware Online Store?
    We recently added support for Shopware, an e-commerce CMS, very popular in Germany. Here is how you can install Crisp Chat Widget on your Shopware online store.
    Connect Crisp and Shopware →

Teasing next releases 💥

  • New UI for the bot builder Reply to this email to share feedback and awaited features

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