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How to Speak to Your Users the Right Way

Customer relationship is more and more important to do a great business. Having a great relation with your customers is the key to reduce your churn rate and understanding your market: your users are human, they need all need attention.

1 — Start the conversation the right way

Forget common business sentences like “May I help you?” and uses more personal communication. A simple hello can make the difference. To begin a conversation, you can start with

Hey! How are you?

You can follow with:

What the weather is in [CITY/COUNTRY] ?

Your user will reply and then ask you a common question like

In how your service is different than …, Why are your pricing?, etc.

2 — Speak to users like someone on Tinder

Going to Tinder is like selling yourself. Selling your product is not so different. Your have to be outstanding, that your user uses on your service and not a competitor.

Your users browse on many websites everyday. The moment you talk to them has to be memorable.

Love Chat

Love your users!

3 — Be friends

Be personal! Ask where your visitor come from, what is his company, tell him who you are and be interested!

Ask your users. You may have things in common. We advise you to be non formal. and to not use “business language”. You can use smileys too.

Don’t forget to be polite!

4 — Fit your customers need

No bullshit!

Sometimes, your product doesn’t fit to your customers. If it doesn’t fit, you should suggest a competitor. At Crisp, if a company is too big, we know that our product may not fit their needs. We suggest them iAdvize. It’s fair!

And if the product doesn’t fit to you / it could fit to his friends!

5 — Continue the conversation until your visitor must leave

Your customer must stay on your website. If the feeling with good with your visitor, stay in touch!

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