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February 2024 - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what we've built this month at Crisp? Make sure to read our product update.

February 2024 - Crisp Product Update

New features

The new chat SDK For Android mobile app is out 🎉

Creating an immersive chat experience through your native mobile app is now a reality. Using Crisp native sdk for Android, you can embed a chat experience that enlighten your customer service experience. Everything has been made to make it easy for your tech team to embed Crisp Chat into your mobile app. The software development kit comes with a handful list of features that fit with what the web chat already offers.

Crisp widget embedded into a mobile app

Install Crisp Chat SDK for Android →

Contact data can now be pushed through your bot conversations

It’s a hell of an update here as it’s been requested for many years. Following all the work done over the past weeks, it’s now possible.

Through the Crisp bot builder, you can simply call {{ name.first }} or {{ phone }} as message variables (intended they are stored in your customers’ profile).

But not only … You can also leverage custom data, using {{data.key}} through your bot scenarios.

example of custom data pushed programmatically through automated conversations

Get started with Crisp chatbot Builer →

Build a Bridge With Crisp to harness the power of sleeping data

Thanks to a 3rd party developer, companies using Crisp can now retrieve their data from a data warehouse specifically built for Crisp.  Benefits of using a platform such as Brickport relates to powerful data analysis.

Connect your Crisp data to Brickport→

Synchronize Crisp Data with Dropbox

Thanks to a 3rd party developer, companies using Crisp can now share files located on Dropbox, browse dropbox repositories and preview files shared all from their Crisp Workspace.

Connect your Dropbox to Crisp→

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Analytics: The analytics dashboard now loads its data much faster thanks to multiple enhancements brought to Crisp infrastructure.
  • Chatbot: Your Crisp Workspace icon can now be set as your chatbot avatar
  • Inbox: Conversations now support WebP image format to be shared
  • WhatsApp: Multiple improvements have been brought to the Crisp WhatsApp Business Plugin
  • Emails: It is now possible to configure custom DMARC and SPF records for all Crisp email domains

Helpdesk Updates

  • How to setup a custom email domain?
    Willing to improve your email deliverability while strengthening your brand experience? Here is a guide on how you can do so with Crisp Custom Email Domain setup

    Read the step by step article →

Next release

  • Multiple data sources to feed Crisp AI models
  • Crisp Analytics
  • Hubspot integration revamped

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