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Customer service satisfaction: Building the most memorable customer experience

Customer service feedback can be both qualitative and quantitative, as every kind of data is important to build the best experience.

Customer service satisfaction: Building the most memorable customer experience

Customer service feedback can be qualitative and quantitative, as every data is essential to build the best experience.

At Crisp, we love to spend time with our customers to develop empathy and create the next generation of customer support software.

However, we use tools for customer service satisfaction to scale on customer satisfaction ratings and comments.

That's why inside Crisp, you'll find a customer satisfaction software that allows you to centralize customer feedback and double-down on each.

But we're not here to talk about that.

We're here to share with you how to strive to build the best customer service so every time our customers are dealing with us, they go back as happy as possible.

This work includes two kinds of assets: A cultural mindset and an operational mindset.

What is customer service satisfaction?

Customer service satisfaction combines two worlds that are strongly correlated when building the perfect customer experience.

Customer service is the art of helping customers fulfilling their goals thanks to content, human help, or any service related to the company.

Therefore, customer service satisfaction helps companies understand how customers are happy with the company's help while setting up the product or service; at any other moment of their life cycle.

Also known as CSAT (customer satisfaction), this acronym is often used throughout the internet.

Customer service satisfaction at Crisp for 2020

Here is a quick example of how we did at Crisp in 2020 with customer service satisfaction.
Willing to improve customer service satisfaction? Here are our best-in-class tips to let you skyrocket customer satisfaction.

Centralize knowledge

At Crisp, we strive to share knowledge publicly. That's why we've built a knowledge base that helps our users to find answers to their questions by themselves.

Crisp Knowledge Management System

Throughout this knowledge base, customers and leads can find answers to their questions.

It's a must-have for any company that is willing to offer the best customer service satisfaction.

Why ?

Because customers don't want to get in touch with you.

The less they have to get in touch with you, the better it is. For both sides!

By offering a dedicated spot for product knowledge, you make sure customers can find answers.

Make knowledge visible to simplify customer service

Having a knowledge base is a significant step, but it's not the only one you have to master to improve customer service satisfaction.

Making your knowledge base visible is another challenge.

How many FAQs have you seen at the bottom of a website, hidden in footers?

How we make knowledge visible to our users

As you can see at Crisp, we make sure our knowledge base is effectively visible to our users.

Whether they're existing customers or potential ones, they can simply access a section that can help them answer their questions.

Combine responsiveness & quality to improve customer satisfaction

Companies all agree about one fact: customers' needs are evolving.

They're waiting for companies to answer fast with a highly qualitative answer.

At Crisp, we strive to answer customers fast.

We have an average response time that is under 10 minutes.

That's how you can make customer service satisfaction skyrocket.

Here are some of the features we use at Crisp to improve our customer service satisfaction.

Canned responses

Canned responses is a feature that helps customer service agents to send templated answers while personalizing it at scale.

Knowledge base

Remember when we talked about making the knowledge visible? Well, that counts with customer service reps too.

Your customer service tool has to offer immediate access to all your knowledge articles.

Build your roadmap thanks to your users

Crisp has always been a firm believer in customer support-driven development that helps build products through customer feedback.

That doesn't look very wise, but it helps create the best tool for your target.

It is the best strategy to improve customer service satisfaction. The better your product is, the fewer you have requests from the customer service department.

How to measure customer service satisfaction?

Customer service satisfaction surveys are a potent and valuable tool in your brand’s fight to win customer hearts and loyalty. With the feedback they provide, you can improve your product, your service, and the overall customer experience — leading to higher revenue and more loyal customers.

Using Crisp a customer satisfaction software, you'll not get the hassle of building a survey.

Crisp has managed it for you so you can improve the way you're getting customer satisfaction feedback.

Ready to improve your customer engagement?