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Crisp AI Features - Product Update

Want to uncover Crisp AI features? Read this article to understand all the amazing evolution we're bringing to the platform, starting today.

Crisp AI Features - Product Update

Here is a detailed review on the AI-based virtual assistant for customer service teams we're announcing today ✨

New Features

  • AI-generated answers based on your previous conversations
    Using our proprietary LLM model, we created a virtual assistant that generates answers you can trust. Thanks to our own model, for each Crisp conversation, we go through your entire set of conversations and messages and provide an answer that is the best one. In less than a few seconds.
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  • AI-generated summary to make shifts and handover easy and efficient
    Built for customer service, we now offer a summarization feature that helps customer service teams to be more efficient when handling shifts and handover. For each conversation, you have now the ability to generate a summary … Instantly.
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  • AI-generated voice transcription to text to leverage the power of audio message, at scale
    Sending audio messages to friends is something common. But how to deal with it as a company? Well…we got your back. Using Transcript, you now get a speech-to-text feature that transcribes audio messages to text … Instantly.
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  • Go multilingual, mutichannel and start today
    Whether you receive an audio message from WhatsApp or a text message on Messenger, our AI features work in any context. For now, the model only works for english but we’re planning to release more languages in the future.
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  • Get topics even before you open the conversation
    Being aware of the conversation’s topic is an unfair advantage when prioritizing conversations one over another. Using our AI model, Crisp customers can now leverage topic categorization to improve the quality of their customer service.
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The AI Story ✨

  • The Pitfalls of Using LLMs in Customer Service Chatbots
    From integrating ChatGPT to using our own machine learning model, we’re sharing all the pitfalls and learning we’ve been through during the last 6 months.
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