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April 2023 - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what we've built at Crisp this month? Get a glimpse by reading this article.

April 2023 - Crisp Product Update

New Features

  • Connect multiple Instagram Account to your one and only Crisp Workspace
    From today, you can connect multiple Instagram accounts to one Crisp workspace and benefit from all the dedicated features for all of the accounts.
    Receive all my Instagram DM in my Crisp workspace today →

  • The first Crisp Hardware for Customer Service is now available 💬
    Willing to make your customer support even more fun? We’ve sent Crispy outfits all over the world but what if you had a physical object, connected to your Crisp workspace? We partnered with Smiirl to create a free plugin that boosts the motivation of your workspace. Thanks to a real-time conversation counter, you can choose the data you want the Smiirl counter to display.

Use the promo code CRISP to get a 20% discount on the counter + 50% on the shipping fees.
Order the Crisp <> Smiirl counter today →

  • WooCommerce beta is now available 🎉
    Gearing towards better integrations with the e-commerce industry, we’re happy to announce our WooCommerce integration is now available in beta. If you’d like to get an early access, feel free to reply to this email so we share the process with you.

The integration comes with full WooCommerce data synchronization to help customer support agents improve the customer support experience.
Get early access to WooCommerce beta →

Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

  • Inbox: The inbox is now blazing fast thanks to better browser memory management and conversations preloading
  • Inbox: The message editing feature has been improved to allow for older message edition (use the dropdown menu)
  • Inbox: The current routing rule option is now highlighted in the routing dropdown
  • Inbox: You can now swipe right to resolve or unresolve a conversation, depending on its state
  • Inbox: Video file preview has been added for .mov files, you can also click to pause / play at any time
  • Bot: Custom data with numbers and booleans are now supported in “Check Session Data” block
  • WhatsApp: It is now possible to show operator names in WhatsApp (enable this option in the plugin’s settings)
  • WhatsApp: Longer bot buttons are now fully supported for your WhatsApp conversations

Helpdesk Updates 📚

  • How to connect multiple Instagram account to a single Crisp Workspace?
    Willing to connect your Instagram accounts to your one and only Crisp workspace? Here is a dedicated help article to guide you through.
    See how to connect another Instagram account →

  • How to connect Crisp with Zapier?
    Willing to take advantage of no-code tools to scale your customers’ relationship? Here is a guide on how to connect Crisp and Zapier.
    Get started with Zapier and Crisp today →

  • How to connect Smiirl Counter to Crisp data?
    See how easy it is to connect Crisp with Smiirl. Our dedicated guide explains how to create a physical hardware for your workspace that is both fun and sexy.
    See how to connect Smiirl counter to Crisp →

Teasing next releases 💥

  • WhatsApp beta API Reply to get early access
  • Advanced AI Features
  • New CRM and Analytics

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