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Salesforce Service Cloud vs Facebook Chat

What is the best software for your business? Looking to compare Salesforce Service Cloud with Facebook Chat? Enjoy a detailed comparison of Salesforce Service Cloud vs Facebook Chat.

Discover how Salesforce Service Cloud compare with Facebook Chat

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Highest Plan

Highest monthly plan as displayed on the pricing page
$300 / mo / agentFree

Chat Seat Included

Number of seats included in the highest plan

Additional seat

The cost for each additional seat added to the monthly bill
$300 / mo / agent-


Number of contacts allowed for the plan

Annual billing for 20 users

Total yearly price to be paid


Platform that works in the browser, no need to download any software

Mobile Apps

Ability to work from Android or iOS

Desktop Apps

Ability to install dedicated software for Windows and MacOS

Customers' ratings

Measure customers' satisfaction through dedicated surveys

Routing rules

Route and assign conversations manually or automatically between teams

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email & WhatsApp

Centralize inbound messages from messaging apps

Private notes & mentions

Collaborate in real-time with teammates


Setup alerts to follow up on specific cases


Build custom behaviors through dedicated APIs

Visitor Banning

Ban abusive visitors or customers from contacting you

File sharing

Share files through multiple channels

Canned responses

Access templated messages from a shared library

Contact form

Add a contact form on your website

Customer portal

Centralize tickets into an individual view for each customer

Visitors details

Get visitors' details when you receive a message

Javascript integration

The live chat is loaded using Javascript

Chat trigger

Push proactive messages through the chatbox

Live chat Web SDK

Build custom behaviours for your live chat using Javascript code

Message Sneak-peek

See what the user is writing before the message is sent

Live translate

Automatically translate messages on multiple channels

Chat transcript

Send a sum up of the conversation


Personalize the way the chatbox is displayed

Co Browsing

Access customers' screen to co-browse with no additional plugin


Ability to be used through multiple websites

Video and audio calls

Start an audio or video call from the live chat with no additional plugin

Speed Impact

The time it takes the live chat to be fully loaded

Branding removal

Prevent the brand's vendor to be displayed


Adapt the live chat context to customers' language

Chatbot builder

Craft chatbot scenarios without coding skills

Draft scenarios

Experience chatbot workflow in draft mode

Input fields

Form and lead capture through chatbot

Keyword intents

Trigger chatbot based on specific keywords

Condition blocks

Adapt the behavior on specific conditions

Chatbot API

Connect external data or craft custom chatbot scenarios

Targeting options

Personalize the list of targeted users

Dynamic data

Insert dynamic data in your templates

Email & Chat sequences

Push sequences on multiple channels


Save and manage email or chat templates

Knowledge base

Create a help center for your customers and leads


Personalize interactions with Javascript

Password protected

Protect your articles with a password


Make your articles available in multiple languages


Customize the look and feel of your knowledge base

Custom domain name

Attach the knowledge base available to your domain

User profile

Detailed view of your customers' information

Advanced filters

Create a customized list of users

Tags & Segments

Tag a group of users to gather them under one flag

CRM integrations

Connect your inbox with leading CRMs

Zapier Integration

Connect your inbox with Zapier

Contact import

Import contact from a file

User activity

See users' activity on your website


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Crisp, the fast-growing software

Crisp makes it easy for businesses around the world to improve customer experience on both mobile and desktop. Thanks to Crisp's all-in-one software, our solution allows you to centralize more than 10 channels in one inbox. WhatsApp, Messenger, Emails, Live chat, Phone calls or even Viber or Line are available straight from one place.

More than channels, Crisp lets you gather your teams around the inbox to improve collaboration and reduce the time to resolution of each conversation. Combined with data accessible to your fingertips, Crisp helps you to personalize each interaction on every channel to build the best customer experience possible.

Looking to connect Crisp to other tools you love? No problem! Crisp offers many integrations with leading tools of the industry so you can get started with Crisp. Make your data flow seamlessly between multiple environments in a few clicks.

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a ticketing system that offers workflow automation to help teams focus on supporting customers. It incorporates many benefits, from reducing the wait time and delivering efficient field service to streamlining customer experience with intelligent workflows. Salesforce Service Cloud uses AI to personalize every engagement to unite data and influence productive customer interaction that brings loyalty. The ticketing system empowers teams to do less while reducing costs and driving efficiency.

Salesforce Service has numerous competitors, among them we can cite Zendesk Support Suite, Hubspot Service Hub or Crisp.

What is Facebook Chat?

Facebook Chat is a live chat software that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time through Facebook Messenger. Also known as instant messaging, it's an easy way to reach customers. The company was founded in 2004 and offered features such as customizable chat widgets, automatic chat invitations, and integration with popular platforms like Shopify. Its messages are easy to read and manage and even delete.

500,000 brands are already using Crisp to improve their customer experience
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