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Summer 2022 ☀️ - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what we've built at Crisp over the past weeks? Get a glimpse by reading this article.

Summer 2022 ☀️ - Crisp Product Update

New features

  • Delete or reply to a message from your Crisp Inbox 🥳

This feature has been requested for a long time, so we finally decided to make it happen! For developers, we added new API routes so you can delete messages programmatically as well.

  • Better classify helpdesk articles thanks to sub-categories 🧹

Classifying content is an important matter when it comes to guiding your leads or customers through your product or service. From your Crisp Knowledge base, you can build sub-categories to better rank and classify your articles.

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  • Text editors improvements (Inbox, Helpdesk, Campaigns, Shortcuts, and Signature editors) 📝

Our text editors have been largely revamped to bring improvements and fixes. This was much needed to to pave the way for a better, faster, and stronger WYSIWYG editor (coming soon 👀).

Biggest change is that you can finally insert multiple shortcuts / helpdesk articles in a message! As well, you can view which operator is online when mentioning. You can also easily quote text from messages (select some text in a message bubble and click on the “quote” button).

  • API Errors have been improved 🚧

Alongside the development of our Marketplace, we’re on a mission to help our customers build the best apps on top of our ecosystem. To do so, we’ve brought a major improvement to our API errors. Everything is now clearly explained for each API error that you have, make sure you check it before reaching out to our support.

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  • Collect NPS and crucial customer feedback with RatingFish, the first NPS tool built on top of Crisp 📈

Travis needed a tool to measure customer satisfaction through Crisp, so he decided to build one for himself and other Crisp users. Thanks to this new plugin, you can measure customer satisfaction from the chatbox itself and get an alert straight to your Slack workspace. What’s more? You can enjoy detailed analytics that makes your team even more powerful.

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Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

App: our app is now translated into Traditional Chinese
App: all languages and countries’ names are translated to the user’s locale
Inbox: the 10 minutes delay to edit a message is no more. You can now edit the last message of a conversation as long as the user is still online or if the message hasn’t been delivered yet.
Inbox: all attachments are now downloaded with their original file-name
Inbox: parsing of forwarded emails coming from Outlook and Missive has been improved
Inbox: copy and paste of multiple messages has been improved
Inbox: you can click on a mention to delete it
Inbox: when you edit a note, the background will now be yellow, so you know whether you’re editing a note or a regular message
Inbox: when creating a reminder, the existing text will be kept (if any)
Inbox: various bug fixes (random text disappearing, scroll issue, placeholder issue, operators not showing up when mentioning, etc.)
Settings: the timezone warning banner is gone. If you log in from a different timezone, we’ll automatically adjust your Crisp settings for you.
Shopify: the integration now displays real-time shipping information
Shopify: the integration now shows data for customers only having a phone number as contact data. It allows to quickly help customers reaching from WhatsApp, Aircall, or SMS.
Helpdesk: you can mark helpdesk articles as to be featured at the top of your help center
Helpdesk: markdown editor has been improved to allow for code coloration
Trello: all events in Trello are now taken into account in Crisp conversation
iOS mobile app: camera flip is now possible when doing video chat
iOS mobile app: added OS name to browser in user details

Teasing next releases 💥

  • New Android mobile app (reply to this email to get access)
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Chatbox and helpdesk UI revamp

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