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September 2020 Product Update

Discover what has been done between August and September.

September 2020 Product Update

New features

  • Crisp is now capable of handling CCs!

We call this feature "participants". You can now add other emails to a conversation, that will be CC'ed in all email replies sent to a conversation by your website. Those CC'ed users can then reply to the conversation.

Add conversation participants (CC recipients) →

  • It's now possible to configure email signatures 🎉

Many businesses need to add signatures to the emails they send (eg. containing their brand name, their company logo and their job title). Now, Crisp lets you design your own signature, that gets appended to all emails sent by your operators, to your users.

Append a custom signature in your emails →

  • Handle multiple mailboxes from your Crisp inbox

To help you organizing your Crisp Inbox, it is possible to automatically add a segment for each mailbox. You just need to append  +segment to your Crisp redirection email address. Example: will automatically add the segment sales.

Handling multiple mailboxes →

  • Blazing fast advanced filters ⚡️

Advanced filters are now incredibly fast on the Crisp CRM, especially on CRMs with several 100Ks of contacts.

  • Sidebar improvements 💪🏻

We added a new widget to view the ratings left by your customers.

Widgets can now be reorganized: just grab the handle at the top-left of the widget, and move it according to your needs.

Last but not least, you can now quick-copy a custom data!

  • Custom data auto-suggestion

A suggestion system auto-completes the custom data in advanced filters and in the inbox.

  • Early beta for Crisp Android native SDK!

We published an early beta of the Crisp Android native SDK, available here. We're waiting for your feedback 🙂

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Inbox: insert Helpdesk articles and Shortcuts on any new line of the message you're writing
  • Inbox: use LiveTranslate on conversations initiated by email or SMS
  • Inbox: fixed a bug on language detection
  • Inbox, Campaigns and Helpdesk: use ctrl+b, ctrl+i and ctrl+u keyboard shortcuts to style your text (respectively bold, italic and underline). Works on macOS too, with cmd+b, cmd+i and  cmd+u.
  • Helpdesk: when writing an article, you can add links to scroll to a specific section of that same article. See here.
  • Helpdesk, Status and Email: systems now run on mirrored servers for guaranteed uptime, and are better protected against potential DDoS attacks
  • Campaigns: when editing a campaign, you can now update an existing template with the campaign's content
  • Analytics: ratings are now fully exported (rating + comment + name + email + date)
  • Analytics: helpdesk feedbacks are now fully exported (rating + comment + name + email + date)
  • Analytics: helpdesk searches are now fully exported (word + count)
  • Analytics: fixed a bug on DST dates
  • Contacts: real-time profile changes
  • Pipedrive and Hubspot: plugins are now dual-sync. Contacts added / updated from those CRMs are also updated on Crisp, and vice-versa.
  • Zapier: we added a new trigger "Updated Contact" when a contact from Crisp is updated
  • Zapier: it's possible to push an event to a user profile in Crisp, from Zapier. This opens a lot of possibilities, especially to trigger campaigns!

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