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Product Update - November 2019

Discover the latest release regarding Crisp. Every detail is detailed inside this product update for November 2019.

Product Update - November 2019

Product Update ⭐️

Since we release Crisp 3 in early October, the team worked really hard to bring in more features. Lucky for you, we have summarized everything inside this email. There we go:

WYSIWYG Email Builder

Now, if you're building emails, you can simply modify your content without any coding skills. We made the crafting process much more simple so your marketing team can take full control of the creation process.

Multiline shortcuts mode

As we released a new text editor with Crisp 3, crafting long text messages is much easier. With a mean of efficiency and simplicity, we made multiline shortcuts available. This new feature lets you write messages faster by accessing shortcuts' content in a multiline mode.

Filtering on time range made simple

Previously, using time frame data to create filters and target customers could be confusing. We made it much easier by adding a combo box for each data that use a time frame. Now, you can simply choose weeks, days or hours and add a number to target customers and leads at the best time.

Native filters for every account

As Crisp grows, we felt it was time for more native filters. Previously, you could already enjoy unread or unresolved filters. With these new features, you can sort conversations based on mentions, most recent and resolved conversations. It will make your life much easier.

And also some other minor evolutions:

  • It’s now possible to send GIFs in private notes
  • Added a realtime count on campaigns
  • Added a search input in the livetranslate selector
  • Added an auto-save in campaigns

Announcing Unleash🔥

Over the last months, we discovered that many customers didn't take full control of Crisp. To help you to make the most out of Crisp, we created Unleash. It contains a series of videos focused on specific subjects to let you understand how you can bring these features to your companies' workflow.

Discover Unleash🔥

Over the next weeks/months, more content will be added to let you improve your skills. Hope it will help you to better enjoy Crisp :)

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