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November 2023 - Crisp Bot Product Update

Want to see what the Crisp team has built for your this month? Make sure to read this product update!

November 2023 - Crisp Bot Product Update

New Features

The Crisp Bot Builder is dead, long live the Bot Builder 😍
For years, you’ve known the good old, yet powerful, bot builder. Hope you took the time to say ”goodbye” to it, because it’s an experience you’ll never see again!After months of work from the team, we’re super pleased to introduce the new Crisp Bot Builder, which comes with a new design, new features, and a new bot creation experience.Still available in the Unlimited plan, below are some major improvements we’ve brought.

Leverage the power of AI to build an FAQ chatbot with your Crisp Helpdesk articles 🏎 💨
Async communication is the most powerful when it comes to empowering teams’ productivity.Thanks to Crisp’ own AI model and the new Crisp Bot, you can now build your own FAQ chatbot that will suggest helpdesk articles based on customers’ messages.Forget about the long list of keywords you use to have. my FAQ Chatbot today →

Drag-and-drop blocks to create scripts the way you want 🧱
Back in the day, it wasn’t possible to drag-and-drop blocks. But it’s an old story!Using the new Crisp Bot builder, you can easily drag-and-drop blocks to build the scenario you want.It’s much more intuitive. Get started with the new bot builder →

The Bot template homepage is now packed with powerful management features 🗂
Starting with the Bot template management, we decided to create a brand new bot template management experience. From numerous feedbacks we gathered over the years, there was a need for a better scenario management feature.The brand new bot homepage now allows you to:- Order scenario by a simple drag-and-drop, allowing you to better manage their priority- Edit, create and delete bot name and description- See when and from who was the last update- Delete, clone or export scenario Get started with the new bot builder →

Conditional logic built for all the creative minds 💡
Connecting, modifying, deleting blocks and managing wires used to be painful. Not anymore!With the new Crisp Bot builder, you build your path. Improve your bot’s conditional logic →

Copy, paste or delete group of blocks ⚠️
Through the new bot builder, we’ve made the scenario creation process much faster thanks to group actions.With the new builder, you can select multiple blocks at once, copy them and paste them in a breeze.It works just the same for deletion, isn’t it amazing?! See how to group-delete blocks →

Merge action blocks to build simpler scenario 👍🏼
Build your conversational experience flow the way you think about it. It’s now possible to merge paths so scripts are simpler, lighter and easier to use. See how to merge branches →

Craft multilingual chatbot experience super easily 🇧🇷 🇻🇳 🇩🇪
On top of everything you’ve just read, building, editing and testing multilingual chatbot scenario is much more easier than it used to be.Define the locale in which you want the bot to be tested, and start the test! It’ll run in the chosen language so you can make sure everything is ready to be published. See how to build a multilingual chatbot →

What’s next for Crisp Bot builder? 🤖
We’re just at the top of the iceberg here. We plan to add many more blocks to the bot builder so it empowers your teams through dedicated and smart automated workflows.First major evolution is the “Search in helpdesk” powered by Crisp AI platform. It’s now live and accessible to you all, and here is what comes next:

  • “Shopify” Block
  • “Zapier” Block
  • “Fetch user data and segment” block

What other features would you like to see? Share roadmap ideas for the bot builder →

Helpdesk Updates 📚*

How to create an FAQ Chatbot powered by AI
In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to build the greatest FAQ chatbot ever. This is very powerful when it comes to empower your teams’ productivity thanks to async communication.
Create my FAQ Chatbot →*

Getting Started with Crisp Chatbot
In this article you will find all the resources needed to help you get started with Crisp Chatbot. We'll review how the Bot works, and how you can leverage it to create numerous scripts suited to your most diverse and extensive usages.
See how it works →*

How to create an out-of-office chatbot?
In this guide we'll show you how a typical Out-of-Office Responder can be built with the Bot plugin, and provide you with extra knowledge to help you customize and make it fit your day-to-day usage.
Create your ooo chatbot →*

How to get customers’ data with a chatbot?
In this guide we'll take a look at how to build a scenario to ask users for information. Whether you'd like to fetch their name, email address, phone number or any other kind of information, the Bot plugin has you covered!
Put my lead gen on autopilot →*

How to create a department routing bot?
In this guide we'll introduce you to the "Team/Department Routing" type of scenarios. These are efficiently and convenient ways to automatically route conversations to the proper team, to help you get a head start when handling requests.
Route my conversations’ automatically →

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