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Crisp Vs Hubspot: features and pricing comparison

Building conversational relationship with leads & customers is becoming a norm in 2019. Recently Hubspot stepped into the game, let's have a look at what they've built.

Crisp Vs Hubspot: features and pricing comparison

Building a conversational relationship with leads & customers is becoming a norm in 2019. Recently Hubspot stepped into the game, let's have a look at what they've built.

Why should you use a platform like Crisp or Hubspot?

Hubspot & Crisp come from different backgrounds. Hubspot, at the beginning, was "just" a CRM contrary to Crisp which was "just" a live chat. Since then these two platforms have grown differentially and are now almost equivalent regarding global proposition value: Multi-Channel Customer software.

So regarding Crisp or Hubspot, you can use them for :

  • Gathering customers or leads data
  • Exchange messages based on multiple channels
  • Support users through a knowledge base
  • Automate marketing & sales process
  • Segment user base

Globally, these applications are very useful, they allow to unload teams' inefficient actions and offer an all-in-one solution for customer success!

Crisp Vs Hubspot: Features comparison  

First, let's have a basic look at the features of Crisp & Hubspot. At first hand, they look very similar. As Hubspot has stepped into the game of multi-channel customer software let's dive into both software to understand the pros and the cons of these two solutions.

Live Chat Software Comparison

  • Customization: The ability to modify the look of the chatbox regarding colors, messages, and so on.
  • Triggers: The ability to send targeted messages from the chatbox based on user behavior regarding your website
  • Chatbots: The ability to build conversational experience based on an automated workflow
  • Shortcuts: The ability to send pre-registered messages
  • Knowledge base shortcuts: The ability to use specific shortcuts to send messages from the chatbox, displaying links to the knowledge base.
  • One conversation/customer: The ability to centralize and unify conversations as one and only one conversation.
  • Live Browsing: The ability to assist the user while browsing your website
  • Live Translate: The ability to translate automatically messages regarding customers language
  • Availability: The ability to set availability regarding operators and customer support
  • Ask for email: The ability to ask for users email after the conversation has started

Knowledge base software comparison

  • Multilingual helpdesk: The ability to build articles and helpdesk in multilingual mode
  • Helpdesk feedback: The ability to get feedback and comments regarding helpdesk articles
  • Customizable Helpdesk: The ability to modify the helpdesk's design and attach it to a proper domain name.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: The ability to edit the helpdesk's articles with an enriched text editor
  • Categories: The ability to link articles to categories.
  • Statistics: The ability to have statistics upon knowledge base visits
  • Related articles: The ability to have related articles next to the one the users are reading
  • Search bar: The ability to use a search bar to look for the content that is needed

Marketing & sales automation software comparison

  • Email automation: The ability to send sequenced emails based on users' interactions
  • Email personalization: The ability to send personalized messages to users based on users' data
  • Data enrichment: The ability to enhance users' profile through data enrichment
  • Email templates: The ability to save email content to use later on
  • Pipeline Tracking: The ability to track sales & marketing pipeline
  • IP reveal: The ability to get firmographic data based on IP address
  • Email Schedule: The ability to schedule emails
  • Meeting: The ability to share a link to book a meeting
  • Tasks: The ability to assign tasks to sales reps regarding users
  • Lead Scoring: The ability to automatically give a score to websites visitors
  • Statistics: The ability to have data based on sales & marketing actions.

Crisp Vs Hubspot: Price comparison

As Crisp, Hubspot offers free access to some of the main features of its product so that you can fully use its software at no cost.

But, if you want to go deeper, prices increase very fast and can be pretty much equivalent at Intercom. Still, it remains a very powerful inbound marketing tool.

Regarding Crisp features, it would cost you with, Hubspot Service Hub, more than 1300$ / month while the Crisp Unlimited feature starts at 95$ / month.

As you've understood, Hubspot covers a wider range of features than Crisp does as the software company is targeting bigger companies to provide an all-in-one package.

To conclude, I would say Hubspot is a great solution for companies that can afford to spend a lot of money on sales & marketing automation and CRM (including customer support).

Crisp is a much more affordable solution that provides almost the same features for small and mid-sized companies with a very interesting position regarding quality/price/feature ratio.

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