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March 2023 - Crisp Product Update

Willing to see what we've built at Crisp this month? Get a glimpse by reading this article.

March 2023 - Crisp Product Update

Segment your conversations with pre-defined rules you can create 🧩

Segments are one of the most useful feature in Crisp when it comes to assignments and routing rules. Thanks to the team at EffectiveApps, you can now use the content of a message to create rules that will assign a segment to a conversation. Something that was impossible until today!

Thanks to this third-party plugin, companies can create super advanced routing rules, combine different conditions to prioritize conversations or trigger automated scenarios with Zapier for example.
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Collect customer reviews automatically and share it with the world 💗

Ratings are a very useful feature in Crisp when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to SocialPrf, you can now leverage the power of customer reviews to boost sales and build trust. Via this third-party plugin, companies can improve their review management strategy and repurpose these contents on other channels.

Kickstart your review management strategy →

TypeScript is now fully functional for our Node API wrapper 🦾

Despite TypeScript being a trending language for developers, we never totally supported it, meaning that our REST API couldn’t be called in TypeScript. We now have up-to-date TypeScript definitions in our Node API wrapper, for all our friends out there.
See Node wrapper changelog →

WhatsApp Business Platform price changes incoming 💸

As Crisp is a Business Platform Solution Provider approved by Meta, we’ve been warned of a price increase for all the companies using the WhatsApp Business integration. This price increase is decided by Meta. The modifications will take into effect on the 1st of June. Biggest change is related to the fact that WA Templates will not be free anymore.
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Bug fixes & improvements 💪🏼

  • MagicReply: The Crisp AI feature “MagicReply” is now using the latest GPT model
  • Contacts: You can now copy contact’s profile link from the contact’s preview
  • Pipedrive: Predefined lost reason are now shown in your Crisp inbox
  • Pipedrive: You can now sync a Crisp contact to Pipedrive with only a phone number
  • Zapier: A new authentication method has been added to our Zapier Integration (it is no longer required to have a temporary operator in your Crisp team)
  • WhatsApp: You can now hide selected WA templates & sample templates from your Crisp inbox
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp APIs are now available in beta
  • Messenger: Standby messages are now shown in Crisp

Helpdesk Updates 📚

How to push events from Crisp to Google Analytics 4 Using GTM? 💡
We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this one and here it comes. A dedicated tutorial that will let you push events in GA4, for each chatbox’s interaction.
Learn how to connect GA4 to Crisp →

How to connect WhatsApp Business Platform with Crisp? 🎙
Want to see how you can connect WhatsApp to Crisp and the benefits coming along our integration? This article will tell you everything you need to know.
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Getting started with Crisp for the e-commerce industry  📚
Willing to get started with Crisp for your e-commerce business? Make sure you don’t miss that guide that will tell you everything you need to improve for your e-commerce customer experience.
Get started with Crisp for e-commerce →

How to display multiple channels in your Crisp Widget? 💬
As channels are growing with Crisp, we’ve recently added the ability to display more channels in the widget. Here is how you can do it for your own company.
Add more channels to my widget →

Teasing next releases 💥

  • New text editor for Inbox, Helpdesk and Campaigns
  • WhatsApp API (Reply to us to get early access)
  • Advanced AI features

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