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How to create a chatbot or an AI chatbot?

From the chatbot creation strategy to the chatbot creation process, we've made things easy to help you create a chatbot for your business.

How to create a chatbot or an AI chatbot?

Since the groundbreaking changes brought by ChatGPT and the likes, many companies want to craft chatbots, whether they are using artificial intelligence or not.

The idea seems promising, I agree. But creating a chatbot can't and shouldn't be done overnight.

Before going down to the operational part of project (which is the funniest, I agree), companies should aim at defining:

  • The purpose: What are you waiting for your chatbot to help you with?
  • The benefits: What are the benefits expected by your new tool?
  • The action: When and how do I want my bot to be triggered?

Identify the purpose of your chatbot

The common mistake for companies that are trying to leverage the power of chatbot relates to their own chatbot strategy: most of the time, they don't have any (strategy).

They got started with "I saw company X offering Y, we shall do the same".

But that is a big mistake.

Here is a simple and basic methodology you should work on when creating your chatbot:

Engage: How should my bot behave? Should it be proactive or reactive?

Understand: What is the customer looking to achieve?

Convert: What can I consider as a goal?

Following these three steps, you should better see where you're heading with your chatbot strategy.

Note that you can repeat this blueprint for each and every chatbot scenario so it fuels your bot creation process.

Define where and when you want your bot to trigger

A chatbot can be triggered upon different behaviours, schedules. It will depend on your strategy. Are you willing to craft a proactive strategy thanks to your chatbot? Or are you rather building a reactive strategy?

It's up to you to define the chatbot experience you want to bring to your leads and customers.

Here are some answers that can help you to craft your chatbot strategy:

  • I want my chatbot to trigger when my team is offline
  • I want my chatbot to be triggered only on sunday and saturday
  • I want my bot to be triggered when customer email is not set
  • I want my bot to be triggered when a specific event occurred
  • I want my bot to be triggered only on a specific set of keywords
  • I want to my chatbot to be triggered only when messages are coming from WhatsApp and Instagram.

There are plenty ways a bot can be triggered but these answers can help you to get started with a chatbot builder.

Choose the chatbot platform

Willing to create a chatbot or an AI chatbot but haven't made-up your choice yet?

We've gathered a bunch of comparisons between market leaders to help you choose the best chatbot platform for your project.

At the moment, you can choose a lot of different solutions:

Chatbot API: A chatbot API allows to connect your database to a conversational AI to leverage the power of your data, combined with an API that can connect to trendy LLMs such as ChatGPT or ClaudeV2. It makes the perfect choice for building hand-crafted conversational experiences 👌🏼.

In one sentence, Chatbot API are more powerful but require technical skills and more budget, making chatbot experiences more customizable.

Chatbot Builder: A no-code software that allows anyone within your company to build and publish chatbot scenario. There is a growing number of chatbot builder available on the market that are super cheap and easy to get started. Most of them now includes artificial intelligence features to help customers scale their conversational experiences.

In one sentence, chatbot builder are perfect for any companies willing to start with an easy-to-use software that helps to build complex conversational experiences while making no compromise on the budget.

Create a chatbot on multiple channels

Here we will create a chatbot with a chatbot builder as this makes it much easier for companies willing to get started quickly.

In the meantime, here is how you can create a no-code chatbot using a free chatbot software.

Create chatbot with a builder for your website

To create a chatbot for your website using a no-code builder, follow this tutorial that will get you started in minutes:

➡ Click here: Create a chatbot️ with a builder

Create chatbot with a builder for WhatsApp

To create a bot for WhatsApp Business using a bot builder, follow this tutorial that will get you started in little to no-time:

➡ Click here: Create a bot for WhatsApp️

Create chatbot with a builder for Facebook Messenger

To create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger using a no-code chatbot, follow this tutorial that will help you to launch your chatbot:

➡ Click here: Create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Create an omnichannel AI Chatbot

Creating an AI-powered chatbot is now more easy than ever. Alongside the ChatGPT revolution, lots of builder and entrepreneurs have made their way through the market and created services that combines ChatGPT and existing chat widget vendors.

Below are guided tutorials that will help you to craft AI Chatbots for multiple channels.

Create an AI chatbot for your website

Want to create an AI chatbot that is powered by ChatGPT to answer all questions on your website? Here is a tutorial you should follow:

➡Click here: Create an AI Chatbot with ChatGPT️

Create an AI Chatbot with an AI framework

if you want to look at an example that explains how to create an AI chatbot using Dialogflow, make sure you check this tutorial:

➡Click here: ️Create an AI chatbot with Dialogflow

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