It's been more than a year since we started the first work on Crisp 3! After going over 100 000 customers and more than 100 000 000 users, it's time for us to share some updates about Crisp 3!

Crisp 3 has been totally rebuilt using VueJs, a Javascript framework that helped us to decrease loading time by 3.

Crisp components have been totally modularized to free our hands for future developments.

More than rebuilding Crisp, we also designed a new UI to make Crisp easier and more efficient for our customers.

A special work has been done on the sidebar to let our users display what they need, when they need it.

New features & design for Crisp Inbox

  • Made simpler to understand the difference between reply, edit, note, Reminder, Shortcuts & Helpdesk
  • Added shortcuts & button to copy/paste/edit user email
  • Rebuilt the way a mention is displayed
  • New keyboards' shortcut added
  • Switch between websites using keyboard shortcuts
  • Added accordion to better display user info
  • Added the referrer of the previously browsed page
  • Added a search bar on conversation assignment to easily filter and assign operator
  • Added a rich text editor
  • Added native filter that displays last conversations on top of the inbox

More features are coming during the next days as we keep on improving Crisp.

New design for Magic Browse

  • Better responsiveness and accuracy regarding cursor position
  • Adapted design for a better mobile support effectiveness

Magic browse is now much easier to use with mobile users and will help our customers to better assist their users.

New features & design for Crisp CRM

Crisp CRM is one of the biggest improvement of this release. We worked hard to improve our CRM regarding design and also features.

  • Added the ability to create advanced filters
  • Added the ability to create persistent advanced filters
  • Made advanced filters persistent when switching between users profile
  • Added the ability to define a gender to user profile
  • Added the ability to filter country while looking to assign a country to a user
  • Added a preview mode for every contact on listing page
  • Added the ability to switch contact using keyboard shortcut using the preview mode
  • Added the persistent filter when switching between contacts within a filter
  • Added the ability to send an email from user profile
Crisp CRM is now much more powerful, thanks to advanced filters

New features & design for Crisp Campaigns

Crisp Campaigns is one of the biggest improvement of this release. We worked hard to improve our drip campaign tool regarding user experience and also features. It's now much easier to create drip campaign with Crisp.

  • Added the ability to better assess campaign status
  • Added the ability to modify subject lines rather than campaign name
  • Rebuilt the process of creating campaign
  • Simplified the ability to create templates and modify them
  • Added the ability to create drip campaign based on advanced filters
  • Added the ability to reuse advanced filters while creating a campaign
Building campaigns is now much easier

We also added a new design to the knowledge base, the analytics, the plugins and the settings.

The billing process has also been simplified.

Many other features are planned and will be released within the next few weeks to keep on improving customers' experience through better customer support.