Customer service is a wild thing. Particularly when it comes to face intensive growth. As your business grows, your customer service team has to adapt to improve its quality on every aspect.

Building the most efficient customer service requires the right tools and the perfect mindset.

For example, most companies think that customer service is a department. That is wrong 🙅‍♂️

Customer support is a mindset that the entire company must endorse.

However, mindset isn't the only thing you need to build the best customer service. Features within your customer service software are essentials.

Canned responses can help you to build the best customer service, and here are the advantages you can benefit from when using canned messages.

Benefits of canned messages

Using templated answers is vital to make your team more reactive and efficient when handling tons of questions every day.

If it's still needed, here are some benefits to convince you that you must get started with canned responses right now.


Using canned messages will make your teams much more responsive, particularly on questions that doesn't require much work.

Using canned messages, you can search for the correct templated answer and send it straight away, while personalizing it, at scale.

Peace of mind

Questions come in and go out and you can't always control that. Mainly as a sales or marketing team.

Sometimes, the customer support team might answer questions such as:" what are your difference with competitor X" or "how would you describe your main proposition value?"

Creating canned responses for this messages makes your team confident about the quality of their answer.


These messages can be adapted on an international scale if you're doing multilingual customer service.

It brings scalability to your customer service. The thing is, it's also a great help as every customer might now have the ability to speak customers' language.

Combine it with live translation and you're good to go!


It's not about micro management; it's about controlling brand voice. It's an important matter that isn't always top of mind in companies.

Using canned responses will help you make sure that messages that are sent correspond precisely to what you want your company to be seen as.


Canned messages can be reused at will. It is available for each channel. It means you can take benefits from this feature using all the channels you have connect to your shared inbox.

As you see, benefits are numerous. Combined with powerful customer support software, you'll make your life much easier. It's time to get started!