Bring your own branding to your status page

Showcase the look and feel of your brand to your customers while they are browsing your status page thanks to a customizable status page

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Discontinuity in the customers' experience can led to distrust. By customizing Crisp status page, you can simply brand your status page with your own identity to build trust for your customers and website visitors. More than brand, you can simply link your status page to a custom domain like with just a few clicks. Crisp Status has been designed for every device so browsing on websites and mobile phone feel unpainfull. You can even add a widget to your homepage so your customers can check immediatly the health of your status. Thanks to our customizable status page, simply bring your customers' experience to another level!

Empower your brand

Connect system status efficiency and brand identity to empower your company.

Adapted for every device

Size doesn't matter anymore, your status page is adapted for every screen

Simple experience

Add a widget to your website for a simple customization process.

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