Introducing MagicReply, the virtual assistant for customer service

Powered by a state-of-the-art proprietary machine learning model, Crisp AI model ingests your previous conversations to allow artificial intelligence and humans to work together. Not against each other

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Discover the future of customer service
Makes human and AI work together
Multichannel and multilingual
Full control over API uptime
Proprietary data model

Personalized answer for each question

MagicReply will always share trustworthy answers that are taken out of your own previous conversations to make sure customer support agents are giving the best answers, at the fastest pace.

Multilingual, multichannel, ready today

Whether it is through a multichannel strategy or an international strategy, our AI assistant, MagicReply, is built to help customer service teams take the most out of the Crisp platform.

Agent's shifts made easy with automated summarization

Whether it is an audio message or a basic text message, our virtual assistant summarizes every conversation to help your agents get conversation's context faster when starting new shifts

Switch from audio to text messages in a wink

Unable to listen to a customer's audio message? Crisp will automatically transcribe your messages to text for a faster support experience.

The Crisp AI Story
Get a behind the scenes at what artificial intelligence means for us at Crisp, alongside details about our vision regarding AI and customer service.
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