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Document office policies, company goals, employee contact info, engineering practices — any important info — in one central location. Everything you need to build an internal knowledge base is available within our knowledge base software. Rather than having all your docs jumbled together, sort everything into clearly separated categories within your company.

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Our knowledge base software comes with a rich text editor that will allow anyone within your company to customize your content and manage content. It doesn't require any technical skills. From images to GIFs or Youtube Integrations, you'll get everything you need to build the right knowledge management system for your leads or customers. Our knowledge base software comes with a rich text editor that will let you customize each part of your articles to provide better support. Each article is linked to a category so it brings contexts to your article, showing similar help content that can provide resourceful information for your users. You can even build sub-categories! Using meaningful categories through icons, colors and titles will make your customer experience stand out. Our knowledge software provides easy-to-use icons to organize your sections as you wish on a dedicated website.

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Import your knowledge base from a previous provider

Scared of the importation process from your previous provider? No worries, we got your back! Import your existing knowledge base automatically thanks to our knowledge base software.

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