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Trigger automation based on chat content. Full-text logging of prospect engagement.
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Dynamically adapt your website to what your prospect talked about in a chat

Use ActiveDEMAND’s real-time behavioral segmentation system to detect interests within a chat and automatically adapt your: - Website with ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Content Advertising - Email communication - SMS messaging And more …

Visualize geographic data on chats

Review where chats are occurring historically with ActiveDEMAND's map dashboard widget. See where contacts were when they were chatting with you.

Trigger automations when someone engages with chat

As you chat with a prospect, ActiveDEMAND is logging the conversation. Thus you can automate workflow engagement based on what someone talked about in the chat

Automatically detect contact information in chat!

Reduce the friction required to get contact information. ActiveDEMAND automatically parses all communications and understands when contact information is typed in the middle of the chat!! ActiveDEMAND is always watching and listening in on the conversation. You now have all history and interests detected within one place!

Automatically post chats to your favorite CRM

When is a chat NOT a lead? If your team is chatting with prospects, your sales team needs to know. Automatically post chats as deals in many popular CRMs like - Salesforce - Microsoft Dynamics - Pipedrive - Pipeline CRM - Zoho CRM - Nimble - and many more!




Created: 8/7/2021

Updated: 8/7/2021

Category: Marketing

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