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Imagine a platform where building custom chatbots would be fun, easy and ultra productive for you and your team. Crisp provides 5 different chatbot APIs to let you build the chatbot of your dreams. Our all-in-one customer messaging platform is based on modular API architecture to let you build the best interactions on top of our platform. Connect your chatbot to advanced NLP solutions like DialogFlow, BotPress ot Watson to build natural and rich conversational experiences. No coding skills? No problem, we also offer a no-code chatbot builder that will allow your marketing and sales team to create a chatbot by themselves without any help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot API lets you build chatbot from scratch using code provided by the chatbot company.

At Crisp, we provide 5 different kind of chatbot API to let you build chatbots the way you love. We provide PHP, NodeJS, Python, GO and Ruby API that will let create the chatbot of your dreams.

With our chatbot API, you can connect your chatbot with every part of our software, using our API that also offer other great integrations. You can also connect with Dialoglow, or Tensorflow so you can build a great chatbot that can use NLP to improve customer experience.

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