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Our Manifesto

Crisp was created with an entrepreneur and "hacker" culture. Our goal is to create the best support software. The "Apple" of the customer support.

We want to be free from any external pressures. So our company is fully bootstrapped from the beginning (2015). No VC onboard.

We are a remote-friendly company and didn't wait for the Covid pandemic to allow remote! In fact, Crisp used to be a 100% remote team at the beginning. Since 2018, we have offices in Nantes, France, where a part of the team is located. The rest of the team is distributed all our the world.

At Crisp, our goal is to reinvent new ways to work. Our organization is flat. We hate meetings, bureaucracy, and slow-moving organizations – but we're suckers for well-defined processes.

We are tech and design lovers. We believe that a strong tech and strong design make a great customer experience.

We believe in continuous learning and iterative improvements.

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