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Live Chat and Helpdesk for Pipedrive CRM
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Automate data sync between live chat and Pipedrive CRM

Crisp integration for Pipedrive allows joining the dot between your leads interactions through your website and your CRM. Thanks to an automated sync between Crisp chat widget and Pipedrive, conversations are automatically synced as an activity to your ongoing deal.

See CRM data straight from your Crisp Inbox

You don’t have to switch between tools anymore! Our CRM integration gets all the data you need from Pipedrive so everytime a lead reach out to you, you get all the context to create the best conversational experience. Note that you can also enable 2 ways synchronization so everything is synchronized live on both environments.

Connect live chat, emails, phone calls and more channels to one inbox

As a dedicated helpdesk for sales, support and marketing, Crisp offers a shared inbox that allows anyone from the company to better collaborate. Using Crisp helpdesk and live chat, you can connect phone calls, shared emails, Messenger or WhatsApp to one inbox so you don’t have to switch between tools anymore.

Create deals, activities and person’s details from Crisp

Switching between tools is a huge productivity loss for sales team. That’s why we’ve improved our Pipedrive integration to make sales team more productive. Using our Pipedrive integration, teams can do everything from Crisp so data is always up to date in your CRM.


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Created: 4/17/2018

Updated: 3/17/2023

Category: CRM

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