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Engage with your Crisp customers from Discord
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Take advantage of a shared inbox for Discord

Reply to all your customers from any channel directly from Discord! Live chat, Emails, Messenger, Twitter, SMS or Live and Telegram, you can centralize all your channels inside Crisp and answer customers straight from Discord to make your customer service delightful. Get started with our Discord Integration now!

Integrate Discord with Crisp seamlessly

Get your integration between Crisp and Discord up and running in less than 5 minutes! No coding skills needed. Our Discord Integration allows anyone within your team to connect Crisp with Discord and start to answer customers from Discord. It's totally transparent for your customer. Whether the message is coming from live chat, emails or social networks, it can be replied from Discord.

Collaborate more efficiently!

Crisp brings in all the powerful features you need to make your customer service effortless... Chatbot, knowledge base, canned messages, ticket notifications, private notes, various integrations ... Everything is included in our Discord integration to make your customer service experience unforgettable.


Crisp IM


Created: 5/27/2021

Updated: 6/21/2021

Category: Messaging

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