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Crisp is much more than a simple chat widget for your website

A lot of companies still consider Crisp as a simple live chat but, to us, it is so much more than that. You can see the live chat software on our website but what is behind is where the real value lies. Pulpo is a place where people go to save money on their subscription by sharing the bill with people that are looking for the same service. At the moment, the company is focused on the spanish market as the product is being improved every day.

In our day to day operations, we use Crisp as our customer service chat to support the large amount of conversation we get from our customers. We take great advantage of shortcuts which are available from the shared inbox. It helps us a lot to handle a lot more of conversations every day while keeping the same tone of voice.

We need to educate our users because no one is doing what we do right now. It is super important for us to change things quickly on our website or on our help center. The analytics for the knowledge base articles is super good. It helps us to better understand what works or not.

We have started to use Crisp 2 years ago, it's been super great. Since then, they haven't stopped on improving the tool.

Sending automated sequences at scale to millions of users

More than a customer service tool, Crisp offers our marketing manager great possibilities. Using Crisp, you can send targeted campaigns to specific individuals that have done a specific thing on your website or in your product. The level of personalization you can get is massive. Whether you're targeting 10 users or 10M users, it's the same.

Even though our CTO had previous experience in using other big customer service software providers, we decided to go with Crisp because it really worked with our pricing model. The price for value is just insane. We can do literaly everything we need.

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