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Using Crisp every day helps me to answer people that are willing to enroll in one of our trainings, whether it's focused on product, growth or data automation. People browsing our website might not find the information they are looking for, offering a live chat helps us to reduce bounce rate while making sure each visitors is able to find the right information

It's also super powerful to engage with companies browsing on your website, companies just have to start the conversation using the chat. The conversational experience makes our brand more powerful in front of our leads and customers have we are super reactive to each and every request. We haven't added the chatbot yet but this is something we're thinking about because our target audience can connect on our website outside of office hours.

Once the lead is qualified, I can route the conversation to an account manager within our team by assigning the conversation super easily inside Crisp.

What benefits do you see in using a shared inbox?

The shared inbox is super easy to use thanks to the ability to classify conversations based on status such as unread, unresolved or resolved. You can even create advanced filters to display specific conversations or conversations assigned to one specific agent.

In fact, Crisp is a new medium of communication which helps to improve lead generation while reducing bounce rate. Above all, Crisp helps us to create a particular state of mind: If as a lead I want to speak with a human, I can do it immediately on the website. It allows us as a company to get closer to our customers and better understand their needs.

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