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How does Crisp help you on a day to day basis?

I start the day by opening Crisp to see what happened during the night. Crisp invites people that leave questions to set their email so we can anser their questions when we are available or when we can't answer immediately. For the rest of the day, the software stay as a tab in my browser. Every time there a new conversation, I receive a notification and I just have to chat with the customer or the lead.

If the user has a problem to find the right information, we use MagicBrows a lot, which is a co-browsing solution that helps us to access customers' screen to see what is happening and assist the user in real-time. If we're not available? Crisp comes with a chatbot that can answer customers' questions automatically when you're away while improving your lead generation.

What benefits do you see in using a shared inbox?

The interesting thing about using a shared inbox is the ability to have multiple people from the same team collaborating over the same inbox. So inside Crisp, I have my team that is gathered to help answer leads and customers the best we can. Thanks to dedicated features for private collaboration, we can chat internally on each customers' question to improve the quality of our answers and make our users happier.

More than a chat widget, Crisp helps us to centralize many channels inside the same inbox so we can get more work done, together. "

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