Automate answers to frequent questions with a multichannel autoresponder?

Multichannel messages are getting harder to handle for customer support teams, especially inside a shared inbox. To simplify their work, Crisp has built the perfect multichannel autoresponder. By setting specific words and behavior, inside your shared inbox, you can automatically answer customers without any human interaction.

Customers are often annoyed of repeating their problem multiple times to different agents. With routing rules, you enable your company to automatically route conversations to the right department. Nevermind the channel, every customer is directly routed in order to get an answer as fast as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Chat, Telegram, SMS or Line are messages that can he handled by Crisp multichannel autoresponder

Prioritize Customers request

Let your team only focus on highly relevant questions

Preserve customers happiness

Send automatically an answer in a wink

Increase autonomy

Send links to your knowledge base articles without thinking

Ready to kickstart your multichannel autoresponder?