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Crisp is the simplest way to communicate with your customers. From sales to customer support, Crisp is made to keep your workflow simple. From live chat to email, Crisp offers a single channel to reply to your users using a simple team inbox where you can manage all your user queries.

I interviewed Baptiste Jamin, CEO at Crisp to know more.


Can you tell us about what you are working on? What is Crisp?

Crisp is an all-in-one solution to communicate with customers. From livechat to email, Crisp offers a single channel to reply to your users using a simple team inbox where you can manage all your user queries. From communication, user management, campaigns, to analytics, many features are built-in to keep all your customers in one place.

We have also many integrations: Slack, Messenger, Telegram, SMS and Zendesk.

Why are you building this? What problem are you trying to solve?

We worked in the live chat/crm industry before and we understood the need in a quality solution with a fair pricing. A solution tailored for small companies.


Who are your top competitors & how is Crisp different from what’s already exists in the market? What’s unique about what you are building & why do you think companies should use Crisp?

Crisp is at the barrier of Intercom and Zopim/Olark. We offer a modern and simple solution to small businesses. Intercom is over-priced and made for tech companies, Zopim/Olark are outdated.

What our customers love in Crisp it’s minimalism and ease of use. It’s great to use every day.


Who uses Crisp? Can you tell us a bit about the different customer segments using Crisp? What types of roles do your customers have at their companies?

Most of customers are small companies. Of course we have a lot of e-commerce websites, but but we have companies all over the world serving many different missions. From very innovative startups, to hairdressers.

How are your customers using Crisp? Could you share a few different use cases?

Our users are using Crisp for two main use-cases: Sales and customer-support. At Crisp we trust that companies should use a unique channel to reach their customers. In fact, users have sales & customer support questions in the same thread.

Have there been unique use cases for Crisp that you hadn’t thought of or expected?

Yes! What surprises us is that many companies using us were not tech companies. We have doctors, dentists using Crisp! As businesses are going digital, we trust that most “classic” businesses will be online in few years.

Were there any early ‘growth hacks’ or tactics that have contributed to your current success?

Word of mouth and fair pricing was a key to success for us. When you have a good product, there is now reason to succeed.

What were some of the biggest challenges while building the product early on and how did you solve them?

Doing a business like ours is a enormous task. You have to build an extreme scalable server, making mobile apps, features every were. Competition is hard, so you need to have a perfect product and compete with pricing.

To compete with pricing, we needed to build ourself many internal tools (emails, real time, etc..)

I think that we are the perfect team to solve this problem as we worked in this market before as tech guys.

What have been some of the most interesting integrations you’ve added? Are there any that have been particularly impactful for you?

Our users love our Slack integration as it allows to reply to their users from Slack. They love our new feature called MagicBrowse as well, allowing them to see their visitors’ screen. It’s an homemade features and becoming really popular!


What are the top products that you depend to run the company & how do you use them?

Crisp relies on three product. Everything else is home-made to be cost-effective. We want that our providers share our values.

  • Cloudflare: we use Cloudflare Load Balancing and CDNs to serve our livechat, apps and APIs all over the world: Cloudflare allow us to go global. They share our vision and values.
  • DigitalOcean: we use DigitalOcean as server provider. They provide a mininal, simple and cost-effective solution. Their SSD servers are fast, their support is really responsive.
  • GitLab & Gitlab CI: We use the Gitlab solution as code-hosting platform and GitLab CI to automate all our application deployment as we have a micro-service architecture.

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